Hello my friend,

My name is "Ma Tante Loulou" which means "aunty Loulou".

I am not a singer, but I love singing - nor a musician, but I like to tinkle away on my keyboard piano and other instruments I own. And you know what? I actually come up with music!

And by the grace of God, in 2009, I was given the gift to write simple songs, mostly for kids and mostly non-Christian. And God knows why!

I love Jesus so much that I talk and pray to Him several times a day. I even write letters to God which I put in a small box addressed to Him, like a mailbox. You can create your own. And if you don't know how to write yet, make drawings of your prayer requests.

I also enjoy talking about Jesus - especially reminding you that He loves you so much that He died on the cross for your sins and mine. And that He wants the very best for you and me. And no matter how big our sins, if we sincerely regret our gestures and ask for forgiveness, we will always be forgiven. And if you don't know Jesus Christ, I will pray that you get to know Him and that you be as close to Him as I am.

There are currently 9 VIDEO CLIPS on YOUTUBE: 5 in French and 4 in English.
My theme song "Ma Tante Loulou est arrivée" is in French only (which means "aunty Loulou has arrived").
"Little Jesus Christ" was originally written in French by Jehan Alain in 1938 under the title "Le petit Jésus".
"Let's clap our hands" is one of my first songs.
"My neighbour's dog" is a true story.
"My hands and my feet" is a song I learned in childhood - I added a title and the second verse.
And for most of my songs, well God knows where I took the music!
Ma Tante Loulou
Working for the Glory of God !
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